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wij zijn te zien op TV Eén op zaterdag avond om 20u10 in het programma " Weg zijn wij " met bekende Vlamingen. KIJKEN MAAR!!






KALEVALA : Private sauna in the middle of nature. A little piece of Lapland in Belgium.

A private sauna out in natural surrounds. Experience the ultimate serene atmosphere in an area of real natural beauty with the best quality wellness facility.

This is a unique concept where peace and quiet and privacy take centre stage. A splendid location in the Merode forest guarantees you a unique experience for your private sauna. Ther is no place with the same peace and quieteness. Each unit of 800m² is completely enclosed. Only the birds and little animals from the forest will surround and greet you.
Our saunas were built by the company Aqua Health, which was voted as the best sauna producer in 2009. This shows that we guarantee top quality material. A splendid outdoor sauna made of solid tree trunks which opens out onto the covered terrace will give you the real Finnish sauna feeling. A top class spa on the outdoor terrace gives you an intensive massage. There is even a professional infrared cabin with short wave outside. You can read more about this below.

EXCLUSIVE " SALTSTONE "SAUNA                 Wellness 20111015-1

A real Finish solid wooden sauna equipped with the latest interiors and professional heater will guarantee you one of your most enjoyable saunas ever. Scents made in a traditional way in Finland bring you to the roots of nature. Afterwards you can cool down in the open air under the covered terrace or, if the weather is good, on the open terrace in a spacious garden (800m²). You will be amazed by the therapeutic effect of peace in this natural environment. 

SPA    Wellness 20111014-6  Wellness 20111016-30

A spa with ergonomically shaped baths fitted with powerful massage jets will help you to relax as you enjoy a warm water massage. There isn’t a single physiotherapist who can match this experience. Exquisite indoor lights will provide the required atmosphere in the evenings. These spa baths made by Arctic Spa are well known for their top quality and massage capacity and ensure a unique experience.  Exclusive professional water treatment ensures top quality and hygienic water so that there is no need to worry. Relaxing on the outdoor terrace under the pine trees and protected by a stone wall which is illuminated with blue LED lighting in the evenings, you will experience something really special.

INFRARED Wellness 20111016-29

Outdoor infrared overlooking the garden in the middle of nature? This is also possible. A professional infrared cabin with type A short wave beams from Fhilips fitted with a  Robax filter ensure the best penetration of the skin. You will feel the difference with other infrared cabins and you will notice that short wave beams have a much better effect on muscles and joints than long wave beams. If you stay with us for a longer period and use an infrared cabin immediately after a bike ride, your muscles will be deacified in no time.


Are you going home straight away after a wellness day or evening? Do you really want the stress of a traffic jam on the way home? Get the full benefit of the wellness effect and enjoy an overnight stay in our ultra-comfortable and romantic wellnesscabins. You will wake up feeling completely refreshed. Start the day with a sumptuous breakfast deliverd at your door step, now you are ready for the world.


You only have to jump in the car, leave your worries and stress at home, and come in a good mood. See you soon!!

There is a lot to see in the area :

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Na enkele jaren van hard werken staat het concept op vaste grond. Nu willen we verder.

Grijp uw kans en investeer mee aan realistische prijzen. Koop nu een kwalitatief zeer hoogstaand vakantieverblijf met gewaarborgde opbrengst.

Stap mee in een uniek concept in een uniek kader. Wees zeker van een hoog rendement, een stijgende waarde en profiteer zelf van uw eigen vakantiewoning. Een win win situatie.

Meer inlichtingen of wenst u een afspraak? Graag een mailtje en wij contacteren u zo spoedig mogelijk. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Twijfel niet. Dit concept kan je niet vinden in België of Nederland. Slechts 8 blokhutten/gronden zijn ter beschikking.

OP 7 EN 8 SEPTEMBER ORGANISEREN WIJ TELKENS VAN 19u TOT 22u INFOAVONDEN MET EEN DRANKJE EN HAPJE. STUUR ONS EEN MAILTJE ALS JE WENST DEEL TE NEMEN.Tijdens deze info avond zullen wij duidelijk uitleggen hoe u een hoog rendement kunt halen en toch nog zelf regelmatig zal kunnen genieten van uw eigen echte Finse blokhut.